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News about Andiroba Oil!

We excitedly share the publication of our latest article on Andiroba Oil! 📚✨

This study describes the modulation of the immune system by andiroba oil in inflammation and wound healing. We have conducted a comprehensive review that shows how the oil reduces inflammation and promotes wound healing in several ways. 💡

This work highlights the therapeutic potential of andiroba oil, making it a valuable natural compound. 🌿

Access the full article here: and join us in valuing Brazilian biodiversity! 🇧🇷✨

Fonseca, Aimê Stefany Alves da et al. “Effects of andiroba oil (Carapa guianensis aublet) on the immune system in inflammation and wound healing: A scoping review.” Journal of ethnopharmacology, vol. 327 118004. 1 Mar. 2024, doi:10.1016/j.jep.2024.118004

We count on everyone's support in disseminating this important research. 🙌🌏


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