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Oportunidade de Doutorado no LCBNano

Interested in developing PhD projects involving nanobiotechnology and natural bioactive compounds, with emphasis on the development/characterization of nanoformulations and/or evaluation of their applications (biomedical and/or nutraceuticals). ?

Then check out this opportunity!

The Laboratory of Bioactive Compounds and Nanobiotechnology (LCBNano)-UnB is open to welcome new graduate members!

In addition to providing guidance for the development of projects, LCBNano-UnB invests in the training of its members with training workshops, participation in scientific events and opportunities for scientific collaborations with various national and international research groups.

Want to have this experience? So come be part of this team!

Make your application of interest for the selection until 15/08 (Monday)!

The online interview with candidates selected in step 1. The date and time of the interview will be confirmed by email, details on the application form (limited spaces).

Share this opportunity!

Want to know more about LCBNano-UnB? Visit our website



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