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Special Reunion: Celebrating Students Who Made History at LCBNano!

This last week there was a special meeting! 🎉

Patricia Leite and Beatriz Carvalho were part of the 1st group of students who joined the LCBNano! They started still in graduation carrying out Pibic projects and advanced to the master's degree under the guidance of Profa Graziella Joanitti! 👩‍🔬

It was a great joy to see you again! 😊

Thank you once again for the invaluable contribution you made to LCBNano and Brazilian research! 🙏

You are amazing people and professionals! 👏

Thank you for being part of our history! 📚

We wish you much success! 🌟


Tags: #LCBNano #Special Meeting #Gratitude #Brazilian Research #Professional Success


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